Firstly to say thankyou to all my friends and relatives that have been helping to publicise the release of my latest book. Love you all! And to say thankyou to all those that purchased it. Love you even more !!!

My latest book.

The last in the Teacher series; GONE TOMORROW is now complete and will be released next Tuesday 11th December 2018. This is a stand alone book and can be read in its entirety without reading the previous books. 

Detective Sergeant Sally Reid has turned against Chillborough police to  side with a clever hippyfied man known as Teacher. He is renowned for extorting people and authorities, aided by his inordinate talent for hypnosis.

Sally however, double crosses him, takes £100,000 from him and ‘Serapis’, the ancient deity to which he belongs, and escapes to France.

Will she get away, with or without the money?

 Will the British and French police catch her?

 What will Teacher and Serapis do to get their money back?

The story tells of the exploits of all factions in a light-hearted catalogue of events and chases that will have you gasping in surprise and smiling at Teachers bizarre, diverting and entertaining mannerisms.