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NEW RELEASE for July… CafeLit 10

Featured, in this ‘best of’ anthology, is my short story, entitled ‘A Bolt from the Blue.’

Foreword by Gill James (Editor)
This time we asked those writers who were published
on the CaféLit web site in 2020 to choose the stories.
Writers could select one story for each time they
appeared in a particular month from that same
We have a volume of about 45,000 words which
is even more than we had last year. This produces a
respectable book that has a nice spine and still retails
at a reasonable price.
There is a pleasing balance as ever: we have funny
stories and darker stories, very short ones and ones
that almost reach our maximum of 3,000 words. As
each story is assigned a drink we have a variety of
drinks. A novelty this year: people have begun to add
in snacks.
A few stories, but not too many, have touched on
the pandemic and it is quite right that they should
have done so. CaféLit stories often reflect the time
we live in.
We hope you enjoy our little stories with your
afternoon or mid-morning cuppa.

To purchase this book click on the  link:


2020 Release

This was a dreadful year, one full of emotion. In a strange way, though, I feel it has been a revelation. With my son, daughter in law, and toddling grandaughter moving back to being local, and my daughter leaving home to set one up of her own, well, I’ve been graced. The countryside has taken on a new meaning, flourishing under Covid. Friendships being missed by all, but also cemented in a way. What better motivation did I need then, to put pen to paper and record the moments that had me laugh, cry and sympathise with others. Yes, a bit of a departure, but judging by the reactions I’ve been getting, it has plucked at the heartstrings of many. It has lightened the day, and enhanced our inner strengths, such that we can get through the pandemic and come out the other side… better people.  To purchase follow the link.


Coming soon. “Four-play!”

Ask yourself how marriages survive in these troubled times. How does a couple cement their relationship? Now, that’s difficult enough when married to one woman, but what does married man Connor do when he finds himself in the laps of three women all at the same time.   One – wants to love him, one – wants to hurt him, and one – wants to exploit him, but which one’s which?