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APRIL Another short story success. My ‘Threat to a Mother’ will be published in the online magazine CafeLit on Wednesday 5th May 15.30hrs. Every mother knows of the special something that guides her through her pregnancy, but what about those living in Venuezuala? She always has an eye for what she considers a threat!


MARCH This month has seen my story, ‘A Bolt from the Blue’, be declared by CafeLit as one of the best submissions of the year.  The story is basically about a blind man. going about his business. The twist in the tale of course being the reason the story has been so successful. The book, The Best of CafeLit 10,  will be released this August. For details of past CafeLit publications follow this link.


New Release

2020 has been a dreadful year, one full of emotion. In a strange way, though, I feel it has been a revelation. With my son, daughter in law, and toddling grandaughter moving back to being local, and my daughter leaving home to set one up of her own, well, I’ve been graced. The countryside has taken on a new meaning, flourishing under Covid. Friendships being missed by all, but also cemented in a way. What better motivation did I need then, to put pen to paper and record the moments that had me laugh, cry and sympathise with others. Yes, a bit of a departure, but judging by the reactions I’ve been getting, it has plucked at the heartstrings of many. It has lightened the day, and enhanced our inner strengths, such that we can get through the pandemic and come out the other side… better people.  To purchase follow the link.


Coming soon. “Four-play!”

Ask yourself how marriages survive in these troubled times. How does a couple cement their relationship? Now, that’s difficult enough when married to one woman, but what does married man Connor do when he finds himself in the laps of three women all at the same time.   One – wants to love him one – wants to hurt him and one – wants to exploit him, but which one’s which?



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Released by MW self Publishing Partnership.  

This quirky collection of short stories by JANET HAWORTH will have your mind jumping to conclusions, teased by plotlines and immersed in eccentricity. The Curious Coincidences that she employs, will take you from reality, to return you only as she delivers her astonishing punchlines.

Read and be mesmerised by the revelation that she might be related to one of the Pendle Witches. Ask yourself if the stranger on your doorstep is really of this world or another. Shiver, as you learn of the eerie presence on the Delta oil platform, the dark foreboding of the ‘Kennelworth’ tunnel, and be spooked by the memories of Gran, as her house is cleared after her death. And… what is a ‘Bogart’ anyway?

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Tumble of Poems Working on behalf of Janet Haworth, I have published her book under a self – publishing partnership with her.

Within it she has included poems from her Catterline collection, that came out of her experience of living in the ‘Old Rectory’ perched on the cliffs overlooking an old fishing village. A place that inspired Joan Eardley’s paintings of the Glasgow School. Friends called it ‘Wuthering Heights by the sea.’ The village was a world away from the nearby city of Aberdeen, but she says it is a special place and wants to share share something of its soul in her poems.

Other poems came from working with memory, wanting to capture events that seemed important, sometimes sad and at times funny. The IT Girl began life as an advert for margarine. It is a, ’Found Poem,’ as is Fifteen Seconds. These words were inspired by a teacher working in a war zone who was being interviewed on Radio 4.

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Released last October, the BANGOR WRITERS GROUP ANTHOLOGY edited and presented by me, includes many short stories and poetry provided by members. The introduction:

As founder of the Bangor Cellar Writing Group, it is a privilege to introduce this anthology of poems and short fiction produced by its current members.  It has been one of the great pleasures of belonging to the writing group, being able to listen and learn from fellow members.  

I must express my full thanks to the Poetry Group sector of BCWG for the effort they have put into producing this anthology.  Thank you to Jean Dawson, Liz Cox, Mark Winson, Geoff Lincoln and Don Draper. We hope that you find something touching, beautiful or thought provoking in all of these offerings.

                Mary Ward  Founder of Bangor Cellar Writing Group

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