“CHILLED MORTALITY” is continuing to be submitted to agents and publishers for help in getting it out there. If there any of you out there that have contacts in this respect, I would appreciate some contact details.


In a bizarre interview, Paul and Jan tell of their story from fifty years ago and their nearly insurmountable marital problem deciding their future.

Set in the world of GM Cryogenics they reveal the bodily abuse going on there, the practices of a deceitful management, the blackmail, plotting and murder, whilst within the white cylinders the dead waited for their renaissance.

However, behind Paul and Jan’s story, there lies one amazing fact!


The Bangor Cellar Writers Group anthology is ready for sending to the publishers. The cover has been updated too. This book, set for release around October, includes many short stories and poetry provided by members. We have settled upon 25 submissions. The introduction:

As founder of the Bangor Cellar Writing Group, it is a privilege to introduce this anthology of poems and short fiction produced by its current members.  It has been one of the great pleasures of belonging to the writing group, being able to listen and learn from fellow members.  Our monthly gatherings, over the past thirteen years, have provided both entertainment and inspiration. Sharing a love of expressing ourselves through the power of words draws together those interested in writing from many spheres, no matter age or experience. The group has grown from our initial number of ten to over twenty. We are always happy to have people come along and try us out and see if we suit their needs.

We can’t guarantee that you will necessarily gain fame or fortune by being a member of Bangor Cellar Writing Group but there is the opportunity to seek advice and opinion. For myself, it has given me the added bonus of counting many now as friends who, like myself, want to put words on the page with the undeniable hope that someday they may be read beyond the confines of BCWG.

I must express my full thanks to the Poetry Group sector of BCWG for the effort they have put into producing this anthology.  Thank you to Jean Dawson, Liz Cox, Mark Winson, Geoff Lincoln and Don Draper.

We hope that you find something touching, beautiful or thought provoking in all of these offerings.

                Mary Ward  Founder of Bangor Cellar Writing Grou



POETRY Saturdays on my website and on social media, will include some Poetry.

I am a member, ever since September, of a kind of social club, no writer should ever snub…  I enjoy it and am quite pleased with my contributions. All of which and some of those belonging to my fellow club members, can be found under the Short Stories and Poetry tab in the navigation bar. Take a look.

If you too want to join in, drop me a line via the contacts page.


My latest book.

The last in the Teacher series; GONE TOMORROW is my latest release. This is a stand alone book and can be read in its entirety without reading the previous books.

Detective Sergeant Sally Reid has turned against Chillborough police to  side with a clever hippyfied man known as Teacher. He is renowned for extorting people and authorities, aided by his inordinate talent for hypnosis.  Sally however, double crosses him, takes £100,000 from him and ‘Serapis’, the ancient deity to which he belongs, and escapes to France.

Will she get away, with or without the money?

Will the British and French police catch her?

 What will Teacher and more frightenly, Serapis do to get their money? The story tells of the exploits of all factions in a light-hearted catalogue of events and chases that will have you gasping in surprise and smiling at Teachers bizarre, diverting and entertaining mannerisms.

To buy the book go to the books tab.