August is road victim awareness month. Now I think this should be taken seriously, but for Raccoons! Yes, you heard me right! It seems that Donald Trump was involved in a crash due to a family of Raccoons walking onto the road to collect a downed tree limb, at least that’s what his driver said!

This raises questions:

What special skills do Raccoons have, not covered by the FBI or CIA anti terrorism teams?

How do Raccoons get their insider information to identify the president’s route?

AND ABOVE ALL…  Is it possible to hire a Raccoon for Trump’s UK visits?

As for one Uk council… it has been fined £5000 for the state of its pavements. There have been three accidents recently, where pedestrians have been hit by cars as they attempted to retrieve coinage from the road. In response, a council official stated that: “the cars couldn’t stop in time, due to the lack of grip on the shiney roads, which is due to the fact that our highways budget is under funded!” Now call me stupid, but something occurs to me….  why can’t they pick up all the money and add it to their coffers.

However, one annoyed resident and traffic dodger, respoded thus: “the council have been repaying some ‘mislaid’ payments to people who have already paid, instead of repairing some pavements that have been mis-layed!”