13th June Coronavirus. Gardens and Birthday.

QUIRKY The one thing that Coronavirus has given Michelle and I, is a garden that has had more time, and money, spent on it this year. Here’s a four-minute slideshow for those that are interested, showing its splendour. Well proud! Goto my blog.

POSITIVITY It’s the Queen’s birthday. Not bad that she has two, one her proper birthday and one her official birthday. That means she’s actually 188 years old and gets twice the number of presents!

NEWS What a shame that the statue of Winston Churchill may have to be put in a museum. I believe in Black Lives Matter but can’t see why they believe he should be defaced when he is was responsible for preserving the lives of so many and fought the discrimination of the Nazi’s. The man was a hero!

World: 158,079 (+29,012) Total 7,758,344 Deaths 4,737 (+101) total 428,638

Uk. New cases 1,541 (+275) total 292,950. Deaths 202 (-51) total 41,481

Wales: New Cases 77 (+14) total 14,658 Deaths 10 (+4) total 1435

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 51 (+7) total 3,094. Deaths 8 (+4) total 315

Gwynedd: New cases 4 (-1) total 465. Deaths total 0. Total 59