15th June. Sex dolls and Primark.

QUIRKY FC Seoul in South Korea have had to apologise for using sex dolls rather than normal cut-outs of people, in the constructed crowds to counter the lockdown restrictions. They may well have found players jumping the barriers after scoring a goal!

POSITIVITY I was hoping that Ryan air’s resumption of UK internal flights, might open the gates for holidays abroad again. I have already lost my holiday to Cyprus with Thompson.

NEWS Queues outside Primark as England shops reopen after lockdown! Just goes to show that online shopping isn’t all its cracked up to be. Here in Wales of course, still in full lockdown, we look forward to Thursday’s announcements which promises an easing of restrictions.

STATISTICS Figures as of yesterday

World: 123,032 (-3,396) Total 8,007,804 Deaths 435,855 (+3,217) total 435,855

Uk. New cases 1,514 (+89) total 295,889. Deaths 36 (-145) total 41,698

Wales: New Cases (-6) total 14,742 Deaths 3 (-3) total 1444

Betwi Cadwaladar: Cases 42 Deaths 0 (0) total 319

Gwynedd: New cases 7 (+1) total 483. Death figures as at 29th