17th June. School Dinners, toilets and tornadoes!

Good on Marcus Rashford! His persistence in forcing the government to rethink their abandoning of free school meals over the summer holidays will benefit 1.3 million kids! I still remember free school milk. Has this disappeared I wonder?

  So, now you can shop in nonessential shops in England, you can meet with other people and as theme parks, zoos and the like begin to open… I ask myself where, just where, would I be able to take a piss?

  Tornadoes have been seen in the Brecon beacons as the storms hit yesterday. What the hell is going on with our weather? Is it because we’re leaving Europe and allying ourselves with America?

CORONAVIRUS STATISTICS Figures as of yesterday

World: 147,589 (+26,903) total 8,276,079 Deaths 6.985 (+3,413) total 446,412

Uk. New cases 1,279 (+223) total 298,136. Deaths 223 (+195) total 41,969

Wales: New Cases 65 (+3) total 14,869 Deaths 8 (+4) total 1456

Gwynedd: New cases 6 (+2) total 478. Deaths 62 (@ 5th June)

NOTE There were no recorded deaths in North Wales last night.