21st June. Moron in Tesco’s.

First time in Tesco’s for me since lockdown. They have everything well laid out, arrows for directions, one way isles, considerate staff on the whole, but for one moron on her dinner break that broke every rule in the book and seriously put the wind up me! Or is it me… are things over now? You’d think so!

NEWS The sudden outbreak of Coronavirus in the Two Sisters abattoir on Anglesey has risen to 78 cases. Just as we’re envisaging opening borders, shops and business, just as I begin to think the worst is over! Public Health Wales says testing of the 250 staff is incomplete as yet, so the figure may be higher! Why am I not surprised? Because Betsi Cadwaladar are involved!

CORONAVIRUS STATISTICS Figures as of yesterday

World: Total 8,938,678 Deaths total 467,114

Uk. New cases 1,295 total 303,110. Deaths 128 total 42,589

Wales: New Cases 25 total 15,026 Deaths 1 total 1476

Gwynedd: Cases total 492. Deaths 62 (@ 5th June)