23rd June. Potty Opera!

Oh, how quirky! In a bid to get back at it, the Barcelona Opera house have put on a performance to a digital viewing public and wait for it… to a live audience of pot plants! Now that’s what I call getting to the root of a problem!

NEWS The outbreak in the Two Sisters meat plant on Anglesey has risen to 175 confirmed cases! Workers there said they were working within inches of each other, absolutely terrified as colleagues around them dropped like flies. What I want to know is why they felt they had to continue working? This is perculiar in that many other meat processing plants across the world, including an outbreak in Wrexham, are reporting an apparent suseptibility in being of a refridegrated climate for working in. Does this mean, I wonder that the usual hike in flu that we have over the winter months, will also promote the spread of the virus?

CORONAVIRUS STATISTICS Figures as of yesterday

World: Total 9,206,609 Deaths total 474,730

Uk. New cases 958 total 305,289. Deaths 15 total 42,647

Wales: New Cases 71 total 15,197 Deaths 1 total 1478

Gwynedd: New cases 3 total 510. Deaths 62 (@ 5th June)

NB Lowest death rate in the UK since the pandemic began, although this could be the weekend complications once again.