3rd June

 3rd June

QUIRKEY… McDonalds are open their doors across the country but have imposed a spending limit on orders. I’m sorry but £25 is totally insufficient!

POSITIVITY… The parents of a Downs Syndrome child, saying how their vulnerable son has actually flourished under lockdown, are over the moon. The multiple infections he normally catches each year have also been kept at bay! I’m well heartened.

NEWS… A lot to talk about! Kier Starma, Labour leader, has attacked the Prime Minister, no holds barred. “Get a Grip” he warned, accusing him of allowing the public to lose confidence in the lockdown and prompt another increase in the contraction rate. The home secretary, Pretty Patel, seems to be following suit, saying that another 14 day lockdown should be considered.

British Airways have said that 12,000 of its staff may be sacked and then reinstated at up to 70% of their original wage. I know things are bad, and that this kind of thing may pre virus, have resulted in strike action, but what’s the point of that?



World: Total 6,469,079 Deaths total 382,811

Uk. New cases 1,613 total 277,985. Deaths 324 total 39,369

Wales: New Cases 67 total 14,121 Deaths total 1354

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 36 total 2823. Deaths total 273

Gwynedd: New cases 6 total 427