5th June. Tesco’s and Chelsea Pensioners.

QUIRKEY Tesco have announced that they are lifting restrictions of online shopping. Whoopeedo… you can now buy eighty-five items instead of eighty! That means you can buy something extra for each weekday, but not for the weekend!

POSITIVE Chelsea pensioners, true to their ilk, have set up a self distancing pub within the Royal Hospital at Chelsea. And… in keeping a comical eye out to cheer each other, have named it the ‘Covid Arms’. Brilliant!

NEWS Government have announced that facemasks MUST be worn on public transport at all times, from the 15th June. Why, when only weeks previous they said there was NO evidence that masks made any difference to the possibility of caching the virus? And… why when interviewed did the transport secretary trivialise their wearing? That’s another likelihood that confusion will cause undoubted problems!


World: 155,634 (+36,012) Total 6,714,335 Deaths 5,114 (-369) total 393,408

Uk. New cases 1,805 (-66) total 281,661. Deaths 176 (-183) total 39,904

Wales: New Cases 35 (-47) total 14,238 Deaths 8 (-9) total 1379

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 53 (+17) total 2876. Deaths 3 (-7) total 286

Gwynedd: New cases 3 (-7) total 442