7th June. Births, deaths and marriages.

QUIRKY… MY family and I will be celebrating my nephew Ethan’s 21st birthday today, with a lunchtime quiz for everyone from Derby, Sheffield and North Wales participating online. It’s a shame we couldn’t get together, but daughter Stacy will be conducting a quiz that we’re all looking forward to. Happy Birthday Ethan!

POSITIVE… Relieving the longing of couples and reviving the wedding industry in Northern Island will allow both, to return to what they do best… making them happy!  Let’s hope it’s not too long before the UK follows suit!


NEWS… The ‘Black Lives Matter’ rallies, overflowing into Britain, despite covid, must prove, what with George Ford, Darren Cumberbatch, Stephen Lawrence and the Windrush scandal, how racial equality still has a long way to go for us to be a truly integrated society.



World: 136,205 (-11,426) Total 6,998,191 Deaths 4,072 (-1,009) total 402,561

Uk. New cases 1557 (-93) total 284,868. Deaths 204 (-153) total 40,465

Wales: New Cases 42 (-34) total 14,356 Deaths 10 (+6) total 1393

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 43 (-10) total 2,931. Deaths 4 (+1) total 293

Gwynedd: New cases 6 (+3) total 451