9th June. DIY and return to school.

QUIRKY Have you been looking around your house, identifying all those rooms that could do with a makeover? New kitchen on the go! I’ve even made note of skirtings that need painting and cracks in the walls that need filling. However, I reckon a haircut is also now high on the list!

POSITIVE There has been a call from business to open shops pubs and cafes in outdoor spaces. Bangor High street, Caernarfon Maes, Llandudno prom and Wrexham town centre listed as such locations. Well needed, but… what about the notorious Welsh weather?

NEWS It’s alright the Government backtracking on their intention to open schools, but have they made any effort to say how they could be opened? It seems the education authorities are floundering around, parents are doubly worried, of covid and of a non-existent education for their children, and the scientific advice has been overrun by the people. Leadership is needed!



World: 106,253 (-4,405) Total 7,215,102 Deaths 2,591 (-1,309) total 409,052

Uk. New cases 1,205 (-121) total 287,399. Deaths 55 (-22) total 40,597

Wales: New Cases 82 (-42) total 14,438 Deaths 3 (-2) total 1401

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 20 (-23) total 2,986. Deaths 0 (0) total 296

Gwynedd: New cases 4 (+3) total 456

Betsi figures levelling off…. but beware the weekend figures!