Poem: A Birding Winter.

On charity, birds are now dependant,

to weather the foul and obdurate storm.

They require a devoted attendant

to keep up their strength and stay warm.

When the wind blows violently, it is true,

they fight for the right to every feed.

Once bigger birds have eaten and are through

with the fat balls, and sunflower seed.

It is never better to take a husk

from off the ground as would a dirty rat.

As birding for tea, disguised around dusk,

will be every troublesome cat.

Sweep up the debris, keep everything clean

and prevent every opportunity,

for a fight or a kill to blemish the scene,

and blight every birding community

Train every eye, to the binocular

when observing the birds in your garden.

Wallow in the very spectacular,

they will never object or say pardon.

Then delight in the colour and riches,

why go further afield, travel or roam?

Try joining a band of merry twitches

and watch from the comfort of home.