A Garden Argument.

It’s National Gardening Week, I Know.  But look, I am doing well with my garden, I’ve just a misunderstanding with the wild side of the house. I think it’s a possible new flowerbed, it thinks it’s a meadow lacking in grass, weeds and slugs and continually tries to correct itself. It seems weeds are plants, not only in the wrong place, but also things that intend to stay! Not to mention the stone wall that has vertigo and is trying to lower its horizon. Every time I wander past, I shove another boulder on top of it, the idea being that should I pass often enough, it will rebuild itself. It doesn’t like it though. We argue we do. I add another six inches, it throws off another ten! I know how to get the better of it though. I’ve thought it through, concocted a strategy. I’m going to erect a fence!