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Another dawn

After autumn’s departure, when her song

has crept away; when nights are long

and shadowed days welcome the rain

that stills the silence, perhaps never again

will mornings awake with merry laughter

or blackbirds sing.  But shortly after,

time’s solemn bell will toll and bitter tears

will stain the fabric of our fading years.

And life will end.

                              Waiting alone, I’ll know

that from the throb of silence and the flow

of memories, casting a shadow pale

across a sky of shining stars, a frail

and tender melody will rise, sighing

like a quiet murmur in the hills, flying

towards me on silent wings of love.  So

your dear spirit, drifting softly low,

will fill the night, as the warmth of clover

fills the evening air.

                                Then hand in hand over

the shadowed land we’ll fly with shining eyes-

dancing in the glow of paradise.


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