AstraZeneca “We’ll give it our best shot!”

Oh my God…. in and around a catastrophic death toll in the UK from Covid, the old argument around Brexit is surfacing again. Conveniently diverting perhaps! Pascal Soriot, the CEO of AstraZeneca, says the UK is NOT being unfairly prioritised in supplying it with their vaccine. The fact that the EU will only receive 50% of its order by March, is because the contract stated only that best efforts would be made. It is NOT legally bound to produce the numbers required, it alleges, but this seems strange of a contract. We need to see the details!

Why the EU has suggested that doses to be sent to the UK could be banned, is baffling, but they’re not helping themselves. They even stated that Astra had pulled out of talks, which the company then denied within minutes! Facts are, that UK Astra have had an extra three months to fix all the glitches to be expected in vaccine production. So, leave your order late as did the EU, and that three months is likely to be tacked on!

Had the question been put more politely to the UK, ‘Can you help the EU… please’, then they may have got further instead of antagonising people!