This page, within M.P.Winson’s author website, is dedicated to the Bangor Poetry Writers Group. Details of how to join as a member are given at the foot of the page.

November poems. Click on the links to view.

“Lost” by Mark Winson.

TO JOIN AS A MEMBER Our Poetry Writing Group is concerned with all types of poetry, including free poetry. Our members comit to working for the benefit of our family group in the following ways.

  • To work online, and submit a specified number of poems each month. These then go out to every member, who will critique and return them. Thereby every member has the opportunity to tweak their work according to the experience and simple likes and dislikes of an audience.
  • We meet once a month at Treborth garden centre cafe, primarily for a coffee, cake and social interaction, but will include some discussion about poetry. There is, however, no requirement to attend.
  • In addition, as part of this writers website page, members are invited to submit one of their critiqued poems, that will the be published at some time within that month.
  • This website page is then publicised on social media sites, and where opportunities arise, in other ways too. The intention being to get members work out to the general public, and to those that might provide possible sales opportunities.
  • Also, in time for Christmas each year, members poetry is published in an anthology. All proceeds going towards a yearly get together or something similar, but again, to be distributed to the public and others that might take an interest.

To apply for membership use the contact tab