Author Bio

My name is Mark Phillip Winson. Frankly I don’t know how I came around to writing books. My teachers at school all said I could do better, although to be fair my English Teacher Mrs Bullock extracted every last drop of mental substance from me, and fired up what has turned out to be a creative bent. Or is it that I’m just a daydreamer?

School sixth form helped me immensely, but not in the way you might think. I didn’t thank Mr Radley my Maths teacher, for his first year report; Mark and his recently acquired girlfriend’s attendance to my lesson is spasmodic! But in hindsight, I do thank him for inviting me to leave his class, which I accepted loudly before charging into town and signing on the RAF’s dotted line.

What a shock that was for my recently acquired girlfriend Michelle. She watched me leave for the excitement of jet engines, a macho ethos and razor wire, but she was still there only weeks later when I shattered an ankle during basic training and was discharged. However, I insisted I would go back, which I did after an ankle operation and six months of plumbing and heating, finally followed by Michelle to live an Air Force life, after we were married. (A productive strategy!)

A corporal in the Air Force Police, service life came to an end at Greenham Common, after being pelted both verbally and physically by its peace women, (never really sure if I agreed with them or not). The stress of the experience however, brought out my night time ‘episodes’, which after years of mis-diagnosis were found by the station medical officer to be due to nocturnal epilepsy! So it was then that I started putting pen to paper in an attempt to free myself of the worry that came with the condition. However, at first, this was only in the form of a diary which I kept to myself.

Michelle and I then moved to North Wales, in order that I could work as a plumber again with my father, during which time I continued to write from time to time. Nevertheless, much of this was poor and thrown in the bin. Finally though, as fortunes changed, I began to progress in my working life as a development officer for the Scout Association, where my writing and reporting skills were assessed and challenged. This, strangely, lit a match in my mind and I began to write more seriously.

Only in 2016 did I finally, after much persuasion from family and friends, take up writing more seriously and publish my first book. Since then, my style and genre evolved, until comfortably, I can now describe it as quirky fiction. This is especially so, since the psychic character of ‘Teacher’ arrived to dominate the three stories that have been championed by family and friends; ‘Back of My Mind’ and ‘Plague of Hypnosis’ complete, I have just begun work no a more serious crime story entitled; “Chilled Mortality.”