Balmy Bethan! A character from Mark’s new book; “GONE TOMORROW”

In Mark’s latest book “Gone Tomorrow”, Balmy Bethan makes her appearance:

“Bethan Morgan-Hughes was virulently Welsh. In fact, it was a miracle beyond miracles that she found herself leaving the slate and clear waters of North Wales at all. Husband Eifion however, an ex RAF man, had become so peed off wrapping chickens at the local meat packing plant, that he jumped at the opportunity to take a job as a flight line mechanic at Nice airport. She, of course, said “No!” but given the fact that his jet engine damaged ears couldn’t or possibly wouldn’t hear her at the best of times, he applied and got the job. Frankly, Bethan was ready to return to work, take on a project or something, after sitting around like a buddha in a temple for the last excruciating year, until the tortoises and snails of the NHS finally completed her hip replacement. And so, with enthusiasm or no, she now found herself in charge of a new cafe, known as Bethan’s Best Bits, sat quaintly in the little square at Ville de Milles Vue.”

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