Chilled Mortality

Chilled Mortality

A chill to chill the bones!

Jan and Paul tell of story from fifty years ago in this bizarre and exciting story written by Mark Winson. The freezing of dead bodies chills the bones in more ways than one, but someone had to do it. However, within the crisp factory at GM Cryogenics, the deceitful management were out to make a killing of a different kind. In silencing those that apposed them, money their motivator, they took short cuts in treatment, falsified accounts and reports, but they hadn’t allowed for Paul’s inquisitive mind. As an ex police Inspector he had the skills engrained into him to dig into the dirt. Paul and Jan talk of the blackmail, the dark and nefarious plots hatched to do them harm, whilst within the white cylinders, the dead waited on their envisaged renaissance. However, beneath Paul and Jan’s incredible story, there lies one amazing fact!

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About the Book


This book is dedicated to all those people that left us too soon. The sharp and satirical whit of George Orwell, the gracing brushstrokes of Vincent Van Goch and the revolutionary music of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury.

I also include the departure of my Father, who although not so youthful, never had the opportunity to see and read my work in print.



I would like to thank a good friend of mine, for all the advice and help she gave me, in understanding how policing works, its boundaries and its eccentricities. She, I know, does not want  to be named, but she knows who she is. Thankyou.




Publication Year: November 2019
ASIN: 1703571495
ISBN: 9781703571493
List Price: £8.95
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