Curious Coincidences

Curious Coincidences

A Collection of Short Stories by Janet Haworth

This quirky collection of short stories from Janet Haworth, will have your mind jumping to conclusions, teased by plotlines and immersed in eccentricity.

The Curious Coincidences that she employs, will take you from reality, to return you only as she delivers her astonishing punchlines.

Read and be mesmerised by the revelation that she might be related to one of the Pendle Witches. Ask yourself if the stranger on your doorstep is really of this world or another. Shiver, as you learn of the eerie presence on the Delta oil platform, the dark foreboding of the ‘Kennelworth’ tunnel, and be spooked by the memories of Gran, as her house is cleared after her death.

And… what is a ‘Bogart’ anyway?

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About the Book

Janet graduated from Goldsmiths College London with an M.A. in English Language and Literature. She taught for 12 years in secondary schools and a college of further education in London and the South East. An opportunity arose to work with Shell in Aberdeen in their adult training on a three-year contract. Following this Janet went to work for a local homeless charity which managed five projects across the city.

Returning to North Wales Janet established a guest house business and served on town and county council which led to her serving for a year on the Welsh Assembly as shadow minister for the Environment.

“For many years my writing was confined to reports, training materials, press releases and articles for a trade magazine. In February 2020 I published my first anthology of poetry entitled, ‘A Tumble of Poems,’

‘Curious Coincidences,’ is my first collection of short stories.

Publisher: Mark Winson
Publication Year: March 2020
ISBN: 9798624521117
List Price: £5.95
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