A Plague of Hypnosis

A Plague of Hypnosis
Series: The Teacher Series, Book 2
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback
Length: 222
ASIN: 154897675X
ISBN: 9781548976750

This book “A Plague of Hypnosis”, is the second book in the “Teacher” series.

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About the Book

This sequel sees the re-emergence of the hippyfied character known as “Teacher”, forever a mysterious, dangerous and yet quirky man, with powers including those of hypnosis, that he uses to extort an innocent public. Once again the Chillborough Police dispatch detective Sergeant Sally Reid, to battle with her nemesis and expose him for what he really is, whatever that proves to be. 

After motorcycle chases, dangerous associations, and a twist as sharp as a lemon, ask yourself could you and your town survive a barrage of misfortune, calamity after calamity, that threatens to strip humanity of its habitual indulgence in the luxury of life? Would you know who might be responsible or who you might go to for help?


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