Coronavirus 12th May

Such confusion abounds from the Prime Minister’s statement. All sorts of contradictions, confusion amongst business, confusion amongst members of the public, what’s different from England to Wales to Scotland. Whilst I understand each complaint, I can’t help but think that common sense should prevail.

Just because the government said ‘masks must be worn in close spaces’, Ryan air say they will fill their flights to the hilt and not bother with social distancing. Just because the government said so! Profit over sensibility?

POSITIVITY This being Eurovision week, Bucks Fizz show their faces on BBC breakfast and sing their 1981 song ‘Making your mind up’, ably accompanied by presenter Steve Rosenberg. All self isolating, all putting themselves out for our benefit.


STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 69,96 (-12,493) total 4,270,751.  Deaths 3,390 (-42) total 287,540

Uk. New cases 3,877 (-46) total 223,060. Deaths 210 (-59) total 32,065

Wales: New Cases 124 (-109) total 11,468. Deaths 5 (-7) total 1116

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 44 (-28) total 1755, Deaths 2 (+1) Total 171