Coronavirus 13th May

POSITIVITY Garden centres re-opening! For me, gardening has become something not only to be worked at, but so much enjoyed, therapeutic in fact. I dare say that there will be further rounds of social media chat dedicated to new plants, trees, and a whole new manner of garden projects. I look forward to hearing yours.

As England gets back to work where possible, we are told that the economy has slumped by 2% in the first three months of the year. I only hope the shift in emphasis, the early easing of lockdown, doesn’t backfire on the Government. This fall can be pinned in fact to the one week of lockdown at the end of March, so God only knows what the figures will reflect for the second quarter.

Having said that, the chancellor has extended the furlough scheme through to October, for those that still cannot get back to work. On the flip side, he has also made it clear that businesses will be expected to contribute in the coming weeks. Didn’t we see this coming?

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 86,606 (+16,646) total 4,357,357. Deaths 5,594 (+2,204) total 293,134

Uk. New cases 2,940 (-937) total 226,000. Deaths 535 (+325) total 32,600

Wales: New Cases 105 (-19) total 11,573. Deaths 16 (+11) total 1132

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 20 (-24) total 1777, Deaths 3 (+1) Total 174