Coronavirus 14th May

POSITIVITY Spurred on by lockdown gardening, I’m going to tackle the small pond at the top of my garden. Blooming Blanketweed! Plan to fill it in and create and underground reservoir and pebble pool. That’s another week accounted for!

It is good news that the test for antibodies of Coronavirus has been declared 100% effective, but not so good that it is still not known whether it can be contracted twice. Until this is a known, I’m not going to be getting too excited.

At the ballot box Labour’s Kier Starmer has berated the Prime Minister for at one time saying that there were no problems in the care homes. He in turn, has accused his accuser of using something out of context. Are we back to the bickering of Brexit days?

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 86,910 (+304) total 4,444,267. Deaths 5,267 (-327) total 298,401

Uk. New cases 3,242 (+302) total 229,705. Deaths 494 (-41) total 33,186

Wales: New Cases 133 (+28) total 11,706. Deaths 22 (+6) total 1154

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 70 (+50) total 1847, Deaths 5 (+2) Total 179