Coronavirus 15th May

Plaid Cymru have warned that there has been a rise in Covid cases in North Wales. This confirms the theory that the North is yet to hit its peak. The ‘R’ value here is around 1. This means if there is a further increase to 1.1 a further 2,240 will die over the next three months in the North Wales region alone! As Mark Drakeford gave notice of the introduction of his traffic light system, he said he hoped that we will progress in time to green, as the ‘R’ rate decreases, but with the increasing amounts of tourists visiting the shop my daugter Stacy works in and this recent news, I reckon we’re going to struggling to get out of the red for quite some time!

I worry about the intention to send school children back to school from 1st June. I know some will be carrying the virus, it’s inevitable, I know the Teachers say it will be neigh impossible to keep them apart, what I don’t know is how the heck they intend to do it! The NASUWT education union has threatened to sue education chiefs if their teachers are not protected properly, however, some are alleging that they are only scaremongering!

Psychiatrists are saying that an increasing number of NHS nurses are showing symptoms of PTSD. Ward managers confirmed, that in this eighth week of covid admittances, many are in tears and suffering increased amounts of depression as patients struggle and die. Working hours are long and fraught. I only hope our eighth week of clapping and cheering them was heard by them all.

POSITIVITY Next part of my lockdown project… pebble pool reservoir and tray has arrived. Bugger me it’s bigger than I thought!

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 86,910 (+9,067) total 4,540,244. Deaths 5,267 (-327) total 298,401

Uk. New cases 3,242 (+302) total 229,705. Deaths 494 (-41) total 33,186

Wales: New Cases 133 (+28) total 11,706. Deaths 22 (+6) total 1154

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 70 (+50) total 1847. Deaths 5 (+2) Total 179