Coronavirus. 19th April.

Are they serious! The CEO of Care England has estimated the number of deaths in care homes and at home, to be in excess of seven thousand! The Government’s figures were entirely made up from those people who have died in hospital and did not include this, and although they have started including another line of figures on the graphs they show at each briefing, it seems to be woefully inadequate.

  There seems to be a significantly disproportionate amount of people dying withing the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, government Secretary Mr Jenrick told the briefing on Saturday. I think research needs to be done quickly to understand this, not only to protect these people but to better understand the virus!



POSITIVITY Whilst grocery shopping remains a problem, it seems our milkmen are stepping up to the mark. They have had to employ more staff, obtain more delivery vans and are working twenty-four seven. We should think about these people when we emerge from the crisis and vow to use them more often. Local businesses need our support. I only hope the cows don’t die of exhaustion!



World: New Cases: 85,977 total 2,345. Deaths 6,790 Total 161,19.

Uk. New cases: 5,526 (-73) total 114,217. Deaths 888 (up 41) total 15,464

Wales: New cases: 291 (up 47), total now 6,936. Deaths 28 (up 17), total now 534

North Wales: New cases 45 (up 5) total now 679

Note: So much for promising!