Coronavirus 19th May

President Trump is either ill advised or more likely, an alien from another world! He is taking anti Malaria drugs to combat Covid, despite warnings from the drug companies that this could give him a heart attack. Does he not think it would be safer to return to his own planet!

I feel very lucky to say that financially, as a family we are keeping our heads above water. This is only by virtue of the fact that the wife remains employed when many others have lost their jobs. It seems that one of the biproducts of the lockdown has been unemployment rising by 856,000 last month. God only knows what it will be at the end of this month!

North Wales is apparently reaching its peak in terms of cases. There are local reports that Gwynedd Hospital has been inundated in the last 24 hours. However, figures still suggest that the higher concentration within Betsi Cadwaladar health board, belong to other areas East of us. Either that, or we have yet to hit OUR peak,

POSITIVITY My lockdown project now includes a bit of back filling around the pebble pool and plans afoot on how to decorate it with a swirl of polished slate chippings and white pebbles. Great when the sunshine’s out, but I find my wet weather alternative now extends to gutting the kitchen. If this lockdown doesn’t lift soon, I will have to demolish the whole house and start again!

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New cases 87,814 Total 4,905.839. Deaths 3,443 total 320,368

Uk. New cases 2,684 (-458) total 246,406. Deaths 160 (-10) total 34,796

Wales: New Cases 100 (-62) total 12,404. Deaths 4 (-8) total 1207

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 41 (-28) total 2123. Deaths 2 (-1) total 198