Coronavirus. 20th April.

The large delivery of PPE that the government promised has been delayed and consequently, they have been critisised. The BME has stated again that the situation is a matter of life and death for all care workers. Apparently it arrives this afternoon.

  As Germany relaxes its lockdown, convinced that they have the virus under control, from his recovery at home, the prime minister says he is concerned that an early lifting of restrictions could be dangerous.

  Scientists in the UK are looking into using blood from post virus sufferrers, to be injected into those with it. It is hoped that their antibodies will help alveate conditions until at least, a vaccine can be found. It puts a new conatation on our swearing; ‘Bloody Hell!”

POSITIVITY Do you see it? On television last night, a compilation of faces from the music industry playing from their homes. It did a fantastic job championing our key workers and continuing to bring the nation together, but it also allowed me to have a crafty peek into their houses. I must be a nosey parker!


World: New Cases: 73,407(-12,570) total 2,418,407. Deaths 4,720 (- 2,070) Total 165,739.

Uk. New cases: 5850(+324) total 120,067. Deaths 596 (-292) total 16,060

Wales: New cases: UNKNOWN. Deaths41 (+12), total 571

North Wales: New cases 62 (+17) total now 741

Note: Good world figures and possibly death figures in UK, but it is expected being the day after the weekend. Infuriatingly, there are no figures for cases in Wales!