Coronavirus 20th May

The problems of recession continue to be compounded. Rolls Royce have announced that they are to cut 9000 jobs worldwide, 3000 of which are in the UK. The CEO said the furlough scheme was a great help, but it wouldn’t last indefinitely, and they had to consider the security of the business and the 40,000 other workers they employ.

I was heartened to hear that more help is to be given to diabetics in England, as I am a sufferer. However, with vulnerability categorised by overweight and high sugars, I have lost four stone over recent years and am in remission, not even needing my insulin. So, fingers crossed!

POSITIVITY The wife and I said, Captain Tom would be awarded a knighthood before to long, and so it’s happened. His comment, that he hoped the Queen wouldn’t be too heavy handed with the sword, tickled me pink!

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New cases 96,944 (+9130) Total 5,002,783 Deaths 4,850 (+1,407) total 325,218

Uk. New cases 1,594 (-1,090) total 248,000. Deaths 545 (+385) total 35,341

Wales: New Cases 166 (+60) total 12,570. Deaths 17 (+13) total 1224

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 67 (+26) total 2190. Deaths 9 (+7) total 207

Despite weekend adjustments in figures, England do seem to be doing better, Wales not so.