Coronavirus 21st May

Last nights family dinner time debate centred around the important track and trace systems. Security of information was one concern, shouted down by another, and yet Government seems to be having technical problems. Assurances that it will be ready by 1st June in doubt. All recruitment of the tracers employed to operate the system has apparently stopped, whilst the Boris Boffins consider using a different app to the one proposed.

The WHO has revealed that cases of the virus, worldwide, has exceeded 5million. They say that Russia, Brazil and the United States are the worst effected, number of deaths in the latter, close to 100thousand.

POSITIVITY A balmy head teacher in Calverton Nottinghamshire, Sally Madison, has been dressing up in various inflatable costumes to give online teaching to her junior school pupils. There have been unicorns, dinosaurs, a space rocket and of course, a rainbow. Now there’s creativity!!


STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New cases 100,567 (+3,623) Total 5,103,350 Deaths 4,707 (-143) total 329,925

Uk. New cases 293 (-1,301) total 248,293. Deaths 363 (-182) total 35,704

Wales: New Cases 110 (-56) total 12,680. Deaths 14 (-3) total 1238

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 48 (-19) total 2238. Deaths 8 (-1) total 215

NB Case figures are becoming more and more difficult to find reports on.