Coronavirus 22nd May

The Welsh NHS has warned that there is a likelihood of a second and third peak, both of which more severe than the first. Having said that it seems Gwynedd still has 50% less cases than Flintshire and Conwy and 25% less than Anglesey.

The Scottish Government has announced that they will move into phase one of their recovery, from 28th May. This will include permitting family and friends to meet, providing it’s outdoors and social distancing remains in place. Hallelujah! Let’s hope Wales follows suit soon.

POSITIVITY William and Kate have been playing online Bingo with a care home and in calling out the numbers, they have even learnt all the lingo… either that or Bingo is played regularly at Kensington Palace. I wonder if winners shout ‘House’ or ‘Palace’ should they win?

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New cases 110,689 (+10,122) Total 5,214,039 Deaths 5,072 (+365) total 334,997

Uk. New cases 2.615 (+2,322) total 250,908. Deaths 338 (-25) total 36,042

Wales: New Cases 166 (+56) total 12,846. Deaths 9 (-5) total 1247

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 48 (-19) total 2238. Deaths 5 (-3) total 220

NB Big jump in UK Cases!