Coronavirus 23rd April

The same concerns abound today, PPE, testing and deaths in care homes, but at least with parliament now sitting ‘virtually’, there is a second voice arguing, and I say this constructively, highlighting the shortfalls.

We will have to live with some social distancing for at least the rest of the year, government’s chief medical adviser Prof Chris Whitty has said. It is “wholly unrealistic” to expect normal life to return soon.

In Wales, trainee nurses are being asked to opt-in to work on the coronavirus front line or face a pause in their training. Surely training is crucial and an uneducated body on the wards is more a liability. I feel for them, a quandary to face.

POSITIVITY With time to kill and money to burn, we all seem to be taking the opportunity to tackle home repairs and nurture gardens. Today, my son joins the battle and sends me details of job needing doing in his home, for advice. I am heartened to think that over the miles, we’re of a similar mind.

STATISTICS As of Pm yesterday.

World: New Cases 82,592 (+1138) total 2,648,360 Deaths 6834 (-445) total 184,614

Uk. New cases 4,451 (+150) total 133,495. Deaths 759 (-64) total 18,100

Wales: New cases 274 (-30) total 8,124. Deaths 15 (-10), total 624

North Wales: New cases 74 57 (+17) total now 913

Note:  Still a shuffling of trends over the previous day. No steady patterns. North Wales cases accelerating, curve still acute.