Coronavirus 23rd May



When the government defended its chief medical officer for travelling 260miles across the country in the middle of the lockdown, I ask myself, ‘Is it any wonder people are pouring into Wales to holiday!’ Police have said that this was very unwise and that he could have made alternative arrangements, but remarkably did not speak to him about it!

POSITIVITY Having given my bedroom a makeover, rebuilt a stone wall, converted a pond into a pebble pool and refashioned the garden decking… the word ‘kitchen’ came to the fore! Seems we are to have a brand-new house by the time we’ve done with Covid!


World: New cases 113,421 (+2,732) Total 5,214,039 Deaths 5,414 (+342) total 340,411

Uk. New cases 3,287 (+672) total 254,195. Deaths 351 (+13) total 36,393

Wales: New Cases 138 (-28) total 12,984 Deaths 7 (-2) total 1254

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 48 (-19) total 2238. Deaths 13 (+8) total 223

NB Big jump in UK Cases… again!