Coronavirus. 25th April.

And so, the ineptitude of Betsi Cadwaladar managers shows itself again! They have been concealing figures of deaths and not declaring them. Consequently, the death figure for Wales as a whole, leaps off the filthy page, colours the entire results spectrum for the country and sparks yet another bleeding investigation into the hospital authority! All this whilst their nurses and clinicians face unprecedented times. They should be ashamed of themselves!

    Meanwhile, the hospitals tell of the people normally going A&E and treatment for heart attacks and strokes, only half are attending. If you have chest pain, symptoms of stroke, a sick child or your pregnancy is causing you concern, you must not delay in seeing the doctor. Long term health problems are going to be exacerbated by this!

POSITIVITY Captain Tom Moore’s charity single has gone to number one in the charts! There are even plans for him, Michael Ball and sexy dancers ‘Hot Gossip’, to perform on Top of the Pops! Steady on Tom, we don’t want you having a heat attack!  

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 100,956 (+15,983) total 2,834,289 Deaths 6,224 (-338) total 197,400

Uk. New cases 5,386 (+803) total 143,464. Deaths 684 (+14) total 19,506

Wales: New cases 243 (-31) total 8,601. Deaths 110 (+93), total 684

North Wales: New cases 56 (+28) total now 997

Huge jump in North Wales figures, colours whole Wales figures.