Coronavirus 26th May

Cummings’s explanations aside, it would have been nice and showed a side contrary to that we have formed of him, if he had apologised! Saying things like ‘I don’t regret my actions’ has only hardened my opinion of him. This is something that the Labour party said too, all other parties calling for him to be sacked!

Boris has announced that all shops in England will open as from the 15th June, providing they adhere to distancing rules to protect everyone. This is depending upon the continued meeting of the five tests that government set their store upon.

POSITIVITY Having to exercise by walking with my local area, is one benefit of the continuing lockdown in Wales. I’ve learned what there is within minutes, the breathtaking mountains, breaking flowers and trees, the chasing of the nesting birds. Walking yesterday with the wife, was refreshing to say the least (bit breezy), but it blew the cobwebs away once again.


World: New cases 85,533 (-12,523) Total 5,561,521 Deaths 1,234 (-1,468) total 348,132

Uk. New cases 1,625 (-784) total 261,184. Deaths 121 (+3) total 36,914

Wales: New Cases 106 (-34) total 13,415 Deaths 7 (+0) total 1274

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 58 (+6) total 2,510. Deaths 3 (11) total 233