Coronavirus 29th April.

A lot of talk again this morning about the validity of wearing masks. Scottish ministers have now advised that in supermarkets and close contact situations, they should be worn. They have skirted around the idea of creating a shortage for the NHS, by terming them mouth coverings. This could supposedly be your sock, and old handkerchief or even your underpants!

Another, in my opinion, falsification of figures by another Welsh authority, that of Hywel Da, has come to the fore. Just what is going on with the managers and administration in our country? Are they frightened of their continued failure, or can they not add up?

More worrying, in my opinion, is Gordon Brown’s intention to attach himself to the Welsh government when all this is over, presumably to rescue our economy. The only solace being, that it will already be f**ked anyway and he won’t be able to make it any worse!

POSITIVITY Nurse Liona Harris has raised over £30,000 to purchase iPads for patients that have been apart from loved ones for weeks. To help with this funding goto:

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 72,100 (-371) total 3,147,623 Deaths 6399 (+1,705) total 218,187

Uk. New cases 3,996 (-313) total 161,145. Deaths 586 (+226) total 21,678

Wales: New Cases 232 (+29) total 9512. Deaths 28 (+20), total 813

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 0 total now 1,124 Still under investigation for falsifying figures and now repeating figures from day previous!