Coronavirus 6th May

Deaths in the UK are now the highest in Europe! Far above what was envisaged or predicted. This has prompted many to question if we were too slow into lockdown. Seems the knives are out!

So, we bend over backwards to adhere to the scientific advice so closely followed by our Government, depriving ourselves of family and friends and we hear that Professor Ferguson resigns after flaunting the very rules he championed. Not a very good example I agree, but are we doing the right thing to accept his resignation… should we be accepting his apology and getting on with the job!

POSITIVITY In Russia, former WW2 Sergeant Zena, an elderly disabled lady, sees Captain Tom’s example and begins raising money for the families of Russian doctors that have died from Covid. Not only that, she knits Tom a pair of socks and posts them off to him. It seems newfound brotherly love is extending over continents!

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases total 3,744,300 Deaths total 258,882 (+14,004)

Uk. New cases 4406 (+421) total 194,990. Deaths 693 (+405) total 29,427

Wales: New Cases 145 (-393) total 10,669. Deaths 26 (-9) total 1023

Betwi Cadwaladar/Gwynedd: New cases 252 (+203) total now 1669

NB Wales have done it again and screwed up the figures. Betsi Cadwaladar figures cannot now be accessed as figures for Gwynedd have replaced it.