Coronavirus 8th May

People are getting carefree about the so-called lifting of the lockdown as from Monday. I’m hoping that this Friday, the Welsh Government’s gazumping of Boris’s Sunday announcements will set a cautious tone. We don’t want to back here again, as in Spain, as in Germany!

Deaths in Britain rise above the 30,000, the highest death toll in Europe, the second highest in the world! Government says it’s too soon to make comparisons, so tell me…. when will it be bloody time? When we reach the 50,000 mark?

POSITIVITY Thanks to the NHS and care workers… AND thanks to the veterans that ensured we wouldn’t be isolating ourselves against the Nazis. I never thought I’d hear myself say, “Thank God for VE day,” but at least the planned celebrations, all cleverly constructed to adhere to the distancing messages, have raised the mood of the incarcerated nation.  

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 96.052 (+ 3732) total 3,932,672.  Deaths 5,663 total 271,039

Uk. New cases 5614 (-497) total 206,715. Deaths 539 (-110) total 30,615

Wales: New Cases 87 (-8) total 10,851. Deaths 18 (-3) total 1062

Betwi Cadwaladar: New cases 24 (+2) total now 1516