Coronavirus. 9th April.

Having had a week of warming weather, set to continue over Easter, here in North Wales that is a worry. The holidaymakers may be on their way in again. Sensibly the Welsh government has announced that distancing rules will continue. Not so the UK government, who meet today to review the situation. Whilst people believe there is possibility that regulations will be relaxed, they may presumptuously, already be on their way!

POSITIVITY. Prince William and wife Kate, have been skyping the children of care workers, being cared for in a school in Lancashire. They were shown pictures, by the children, of their Mums and Dads, and listened to their loving messages. The way they insisted on talking to the children, and not the officious face of some behind the desk manager, was refreshing. This is exactly what Royalty and people in the public eye, should be doing. Bravo!


UK New cases: 5,491 (+1857), total 60,733. Deaths up 938 (+152), total 7,097  Wales: New cases: 283 (+8), total 4,073. Deaths up 33 (+14), total 277. North Wales: New cases 32 (+23), total now 277.