Coronavirus. April 14th.

The government will review the lockdown on Thursday but suggested yesterday that it would continue until there was significant change to say otherwise. Meanwhile France extends its for another four weeks.

The take up of business loans has been far more than predicted and yet Labour are insisting that the government publish DAILY figures to illustrate it. This will take further time and money and effort. Are they justified in their demands? I’m not sure.

Governors and experts in the USA have tried to intervene in the policy set for Coronavirus, as is their right under the constitution. However, they were snubbed by President Trump, who said; “The President of the United States will call the shots!” He also as good as lost his temper in a public address when a journalist quite rightly criticised his handling  the emergency.

POSITIVITY To say we should be listening to our elders was ample demonstrated by them recently. Rajinder Singh, a granddad, has been skipping online, to encourage all his friends to keep exercising. He gets up at three in the morning! OAP and veteran, Captain Tom Moor has walked one hundred times up and down his garden and raised three quarters of a million quid for the NHS. Harry Billing, now an MBE for all his work in fundraising, said; “He’s doing a fantastic job!” Given that these people are the most vulnerable, they are also those that we should be most proud of!

STATS As of yesterday PM.

World: Cases 1,850,220 Deaths 114,215

UK: New cases: 4342 (down 946) total 88,621. Deaths 717 (down 20) total 11,329

Wales: New cases: 322 (down 45), total now 5,610. Deaths up 15 (down 3), total now 384.

North Wales: New cases 45 (down 3), total now 463.

NB. Wales have admitted that their figures contain a significant lag period!