Coronavirus April 26th

POSTIVITY If you sit out now in your front or back gardens, or simply roll down the window, you will hear a chorus of birdsong each morning and again at dusk. I don’t think its any louder than any other year, but with less cars passing on the main road, less noise pollution, they sound resplendent.  We have two pairs of blackbirds this year, each occuping a differne end to the garden. They bath in the pond and  come to us for berries, overflying us as we stretch out on the decking loungers – no accidents as yet!

I remember when the wife and I heard the original assertion that if the coronavirus deaths stayed below 20,000 that would be regarded as a good result. Yesterday the figures did exactly that and don’t look as if they have finished. The first Covid death was now 52 days ago.

The prime minister has announced that as of Monday, he will be back in Downing Street after recovering from Covid. Good, we need leadership now, more than ever.

STATISTICS (figures as of PM yesterday)

World: New Cases 89,503 (-11,903) total 2,923,342 Deaths 5,909 (-315) total 203,309

Uk. New cases 4913 (-473) total 148,377. Deaths 813 (+129) total 20,319

Wales: New cases 299 (+56) total 8,900. Deaths 90 (-20), total 774

North Wales: New cases 65 (+9) total now 997

Note. Uk figures pass 20,000, Gov estimate of peak.