Coronavirus. April 8th.


8th April.

I am sure today, that all those sickening individuals that have been wishing our Prime Minister would meet his untimely death, are disappointed! He has spent a second night in intensive care but is stable and is unlikely to die. Sorry to disappoint the journalist who posted the words; ‘Boris must die, Boris must die,” multiple times on Facebook, and a near family member that used the opportunity to flex his political bias. They are both out of order and should wind their selfish necks in!


POSITIVE.  On TV this morning, I watched a Mr Hayden Murry-Philipson be wheelchaired through a guard of honour, as he was discharged from hospital after recovering from Coronavirus. A long line of nurses stood either side of him, clapping as much for him as the NHS. His message: Stay positive and stay indoors… protect these special people!


UK. New cases: 3,634 (-168), total now 55,254. Deaths up 786, total now 6159

Wales: New cases: 291, total now 3790. Deaths up 19, total now 212.

North Wales: New cases 55, total now 244.