Excerpt from Mark’s latest book… Gone Tomorrow

The boatyard’s owner sat in sordid overalls, with a glass of wine in one hand and a classy cigar in the other. He was covered in the stains and remnants of what must have been a messy repair job. “Bonjour Madam, what can I do for you?” he asked as he began to peel his overalls off from over his shoulders, to reveal a well worked and bronzed torso rippling with toned muscles that were, according to a very aroused Sally, to die for.

 “Err, I’m sorry but I only speak a little French,” she said trying to control her gawking eyes, she normally being the victim rather than the perpetrator.

“Ah, Anglaise, and a very beautiful lady, if I may say so,” the man said in fluent English, not abandoning however, his sexy French accent.

“You most certainly may,” she replied smiling as the brochures she had selected from the display began to shake, slip and fall from her trembling hands. Spotting this the man approached her shamelessly, taking more than a liberty and holding them with his own.

 “Oh Madame, there is no reason to be nervous, not of Jean Friseur, you understand,” he said with a disarming smile. “We start again, how can I ‘elp you?”

“Oh, course,” Sally said forgetting her train of thought for more than a heart-beat. “I was, I mean, oh yes! Well Jean, I’m thinking of buying a little sailing boat. Nothing too fancy, I’m not intending to sail the Atlantic or anything. And my name is Sally by the way.”

“You be honest with your little Jean. Are you to be sailing at all Sally, or just drinking la cocktails in the ‘arbour?”

“OK, you got me sussed Jean. You sure do know your ladies!” she said playfully as her eyelids fluttered and her rising temperature deepened her complexion. Finally, to her disappointment, he let go of her hands and lifted a telephone from the wall. “Allo, Marcel? Can you come to the shop for a little moment, s’il vous plait.” He smiled again as he furnished Sally with another raft of leaflets and magazines, and Marcel entered the shop wiping his hands on an almost historically oily rag.

“Ah Marcel,” Jean said as he left Sally’s side to give his partner a comprehensive and loving kiss. “This is Sally,” he said introducing her. “This is Marcel, Sally. My ‘usband.”