Lost in my Poetry

Lost in my Poetry

Genre: Poetry

This book of twenty five poems, written by Mark Winson, reflects both the difficult times of the Coronavirus pandemic, but also the positivity that he has been keen to impart to his family and his friends. It includes some serious poems, some that comment as a fly on the wall, and some raise a smile and a laugh as he exploits his quirky nature.  From 'Looking Beyond' and 'The House', to 'The Elegant Seagull' and a 'Disappointing Ology', you will laugh, sympathise and cry as you read one page after another.

Rebecca Bliss: "Absolutely loving my copy!"

Matthew William: "I have to say, a favourite publication. I've laughed, I've cried and just say LOVE the book!"

Bethan Morgan Hughes: "Have ordered it, can't wait!"

Rosie Anne: "Nice and breezy reading. Love it!"

Michelle: "A really good read, makes you laugh cry and smile!"

Hazel: "Seen me through a few dark days. I enjoyed it!"

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