Good Neighbours Week. 16 to 22 June.

Now I’m not saying that my neighbours are angels and they probably moan about me from time to time, but they’re not as irritating as these four!

After neighbours complained to the city council about a noisy man living in the same road, he used a chainsaw to construct a 4-foot wooden sculpture of a raised middle finger, that he then exhibited in his garden for all to see. They soon got the point!

Also, fed up with his neighbour’s noisy sex sessions, a Facebook user recorded the couple, then uploaded it for the general public to listen to. So, watch out – walls have ears!

What about the elderly woman trapped in her bathroom? She started tapping on the pipes to get attention. However, instead of knocking on her door to check if she was alright, her neighbours filed a petition to stop the noise. Nice!

One man, never throwing anything (even garbage) away, was responsible for his neighbours filing complaints about terrible smells and plagues of flies. The council couldn’t understand why, the street being one that never put out any rubbish at all. Fact was, he was collecting all their crap, dragging into his back yard to sift through it – for who knows what!

So, my conclusions, should I not want to upset the neighbours, are to build my garden fences higher, insulate my bedroom walls, take the lock off the bathroom door and take my rubbish down the tip! Having said that… it all seems a bit excessive just to preserve the status quo!