Have we TIME for Coronavirus?

                Looks like we’re going to have some time on our hands. So, perhaps we should look at time.

The fourth dimension perhaps, time is indefinite. In the world of coronavirus, I suppose that premise works for us. Time is result of measurements and events, but also an irreversible succession from the past and as we all know, the future will never be the same again!

Manage your time with routine. Set up your routine so your brain expects to do such a thing at a certain time of the day. When you lie in bed your brain tells you to be sleepy. Stick to the same time to visit the loo and you’ll be surprised at your productivity! If you’re a writer, start and finish your writing at the same time each day and your mind will be expecting to be creative. Even reading a book can be a matter of routine.

Used in a different way, the word ‘time’ may suggest that this is the time to be human. The time to be considerate, neighbourly and empathise with those at risk.

It is NOT the time to be a hoarder or god forbid… a super spreader of the virus!