National Chip Week.


They can be thick, thin, curly or crinkled, some even come spiralised!

The author Stephen King said; “Murder is like a fried potato chip, you can’t stop with just one!” I reckon chips for us poorer folk can only be regarded as our equivalent to caviar. But why so popular? Why so British? Why associated with the seaside? I thought in their creation, that the chippy was a northern thing and some will still argue that is. Others will say, and there is some evidence of this, that fried chips came out of Bethnal Green in London. NO! Fried chips came from Belgium! Another Brexit complication? Housewives there turned to frying potatoes way back in 1860, when the river Meuse froze over and the fish embarked upon their yearly holidays.

For us book lovers, readers and writers alike, Diane Duane (sci and fantasy writer) sums it up;

“Reading one book is like eating only one chip!”