National Hug Day – Want some advice?

Did you know that, on average, people spend on hour a month hugging? That doesn’t sound like much does it? but when you consider that the average hug is under 10 seconds long… that’s a lot of hugs. One piece of advice is to hug friends and family more, as this strengthens your immune system. Now call me stupid, but doesn’t that more or less guarantee you of picking up a cold!


I’ve been practicing my hug. I just hate it though when I give a really sexy hug and then fall into the mirror. I want a hug like a boomerang, something that comes right back at me.

Want some advice?  Firstly, never hug a brown bears favourite tree, but that aside…

Men, impress your woman as follows: firstly hug her, tell her she looks nice, give her a great big cuddle, kiss her passionately, love her, stroke her like you would your motorbike, comfort her, protect her from other would-be lovers, wine and dine her, spend money on her, listen to her – carefully, respect her, stand by her when she needs support, go to the ends of the bleeding earth for her.

Ladies, arrive naked… with beer!