National Insect Week – (The wife’s worried!)


No one likes the bite of an ant, least of all the wife. There is a fly called a Triden, that has Ant mimicking wings. The pattern on its wings are not real ants, but markings that it flashes to warn off predators. I’ll maybe suggest that Michelle sows some new imagery into the foot of her tights.

Bees, the buzzy things that she also detests, go about their droning existence until they suddenly fall silent, as soon as the totality of an eclipse falls over the landscape. So, guess what, yes, Michelle’s planning for us to move to a new house, somewhere where an eclipse is more prevalent.

Cockroach’s have an exoskeleton that allows them to withstand weights up to 900 times that of their own body weight. So, don’t bother trying to stamp on them to kill them. They can also compress their bodies up to 60% to squeeze through tiny holes and crevice’s. So, my darling wife, forget the diet and when you’re at the gym, get into doing more compressions!