National Picnic Week.

Its National Picnic week! Common or garden, so to speak, in Britain, things are far more exciting in Germany. Yes, the Germans play games whilst they picnic, only NAKED! A bit of football, a quick swim au natural or a favourite; Frisbee toss! Seems that nudity is considered a cultural norm in their public parks.

In Iceland, berry hunters pack the countryside. Besides their meats and chesses, they pick off the summer berries. There’s always a lot of whispering going on the week before, as keeping a berry picking spot secret, year on year, is the key to a good picnic.

Turkish families set up their picnic spots with cushions, rugs, string lighting and furniture! All day and into the night they eat and dance, getting blotto on ‘Raki’, a Turkish liquorice flavoured alcohol.  Sweet!

In Argentina, when the upper hemisphere is shivering away, if not under a blanket of snow, the Argentinians have their Christmas picnic on the beach! Sandwiches and pork pie are replaced with a complete barbequed turkey.

Seems we need to jazz up our picnics here in Britain!