Oh what a peach… impeached!

In 2016 Trump says, “I’d rather die than vote for Hilary Clinton.” Not that he’s skipped the draft five times already, or that he rousers his troop to storm the Capital and then with no word buggers off, no, it seems that the death-nail that is upon him is self inflicted.  I’d like to think when he’s sitting in the custody suite, that with his one and only phone call, he calls me. Then I can tell him, despite him saying, “I have great respect for the UK”, that we don’t want him here either!

I’m not one to call a woman, “the blond with the big tits,” perish the thought, but I do feel he deserves such a title. How can someone that voted by mail himself, then aledge that all postal votes are illegal and the cause of the so called fraud he says he’s lost the election to.

Stiil, at least I don’t live in China, they apparently being responsible for global warming, the Covid pandemic and no doubt, for the cut of what hair he has left!